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Unifying International Brand UIB 3V presents a unique product - Comb Nagura water-oil stones from HLAD`StoneTM.

The main direction of application of the Nagura stone, or as it is also called in the UK Slurik, is to accelerate the formation of a suspension on the surface of water grinding Plateau or bars at the beginning of work.

When working with HLAD`StoneTM Plateau and Bars, we recommend that you use HLAD`StoneTM Comb Nagura NAGURA & TESTING & PURIFIER.

The Comb Nagura stone from HLAD`StoneTM is made from the same material as the Plateau or Bar itself and using the same technology, so it can be purchased as a test mini stone in order to make sure of the exceptional properties of the stone material from HLAD`StoneTM .

Taking into account the fact that the dimensions of the nagura (slurik) correspond to Apex standards, and the length - in the case of Plateau - 1/2, in the case of Bar - 1/3 of the standard Apex length, this nagura (slurik) can also be used as a marching abrasive stone for sharpening penknives or camping knives in the field. Also, the comb nagura from HLAD`StoneTM can be used as a cleaning stone - PURIFIER for cleaning the surface of plateaus and bars in case of contamination on their surface that is difficult to wash off with soapy water. The only thing that needs to be unambiguously taken into account is that when working with water, the nagura and the stone itself must be sufficiently well moistened, and in the case of working with oil stones, soak with oil from HLAD`S tm or similar from Unifying International Brand UIB 3Vtm. To such an extent that when the Nagura moves along the Plateau or Bar, it does not vibrate and does not make a sound. And then everything will be fine.

And working with nagura (slurik) and sharpening stones from HLAD`StoneTM will give you pleasure.


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