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The name of the breed is Angelim Pedra (Angelim pedra or Angelim vermelho). The Angelim Pedra tree is quite large, growing up to 60m. in height, the diameter of the trunk reaches 1.8 m. Habitat - South America, mainly Brazil and Guyana.
The heartwood of the Angelim Pedra is reddish-brown, sometimes streaked with color; the lighter sapwood is not always clearly separated from the heartwood. With age, the wood color of Angelim Pedra tends to darken to a deeper reddish brown. The texture is uniform medium-coarse-grained, has a moderate natural sheen. High resistance to decay and other adverse environmental influences. It is considered difficult to process due to its density and uneven grit. The wood also has high cut resistance with a pronounced dulling effect on the cutting tool. During machining, it has a sharp unpleasant odor. Wood Angelim Pedra is used wherever its strength and resistance to decay, decay and other adverse external influences can be applied. It is recommended for use in products in especially severe operating conditions. Ideal for making knife handles and outdoor hand tools.
Angelim Pedra (Angelim pedra or Angelim vermelho) is another example of a very strong and dense tropical hardwood from South America. As with most of these hard tropical exotics, it can be tricky to work with, but it's made up for by the durability of this wood. The phrase "vermelho" in its common name translates from Portuguese as "red", "pedra" means "stone" in the same Portuguese language.

Breed name - Angelim Pedra (Angelim pedra or Angelim vermelho)
Botan. / Latin. name - Dinizia excelsa
Growing region - Brazil and Guyana
Its dry density is about 1070 kg/m³
Polishing / grinding - good


Breed name
Angelim pedra или Angelim vermelho
Botan. / Latin. title
Dinizia excelsa
Growing region
Brazil and Guyana
Its dry density
near 1070 kg/m3
Susceptibility to dyes
The size
125х47х8 mm
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