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Breed name
Santos Mahogany
Botan. / Latin. title
Myroxylon balsamum
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The name of the breed is Mahagoni Santos (Santos Mahogany). Other names for Santos Mahogany are Myroxylonbalsamum, Cabreuva, Balsamito, Cabore, Caboriba, Bosnian Pine, Incensio, Quina, Tache. The Mahagoni Santos tree grows up to 30m, trunk diameter up to 1m. Habitat - Central America.

Santos Mahogany wood has a significant degree of color variation, from light golden brown to dark purplish red or burgundy. The color cast tends to become more red or purple over time. The wood of Mahogany Santos has a striped, ribbon pattern with large pores in random arrangement. Good natural shine. Mahogany Santos (Santos Mahogany) is rated as very durable in terms of resistance to decay. Santos Mahogany has a noticeable dulling effect on the cutting tool during processing due to the density of the wood (density - 900 kg / m2), as well as because of its structure. Painting or gluing can sometimes be problematic, although the wood finishes well. Santos Mahogany has a very characteristic spicy smell during processing. Used to produce a substance called balsam of Peru, which is used as a flavoring agent in perfumery.

Mahogany Santos wood due to its high resistance to rotting, decay and other adverse effects is recommended for use in products in especially harsh operating conditions. Ideal for making knife handles and outdoor hand tools.



Breed name - Mahogany Santos (Santos Mahogany)

Botan. / Latin. name - Myroxylonbalsamum

Growing region - Central America

Its dry density is about 900 kg/m³

Polishing / sanding - excellent

Susceptibility to dyes - excellent

Adhesion - satisfactory


Breed name
Santos Mahogany
Botan. / Latin. title
Myroxylon balsamum
Growing region
Central America
Its dry density
near 900 kg/m3
Susceptibility to dyes
The size
125х60х8.5 mm
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