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Shortened stones of the Naniwa Traditional Stones series, 70x55-57x20mm. Naniwa Traditional Stones are one of the basic series of whetstones from Naniwa. These stones have been produced for a long time and are a rebrand of the famous DX Stone series, only the name and packaging have changed, the stone itself has remained unchanged. It is believed that the Naniwa Traditional Stones series of whetstones was created as a budget alternative to relatively cheap kitchen brands such as King, which are less expensive and therefore more attractive especially for beginners. However, in this category, Naniwa produces Economical Series stones, and Naniwa Traditional Stones, although they really belong to inexpensive stones, have their own scope. Naniwa Traditional Stones have a very hard bond and excellent geometry when sharpening, and their abrasive ability is not much lower than that of the recognized leaders in the metal removal rate. Naniwa Traditional Stones are a great alternative to many of the big name brands, this stone is versatile and suitable for almost all tool steels. Naniwa Traditional Stones are especially good for working with high-alloyed steels, since it is with them that low wear of the stone is so necessary during long-term hard work. Naniwa Traditional Stones are exclusively water-based (only clean, cold water can be used as a coolant), they require soaking for 10 minutes before any kind of use, both before sharpening and before leveling. Do not leave them in water for a long time or store them in water. In general, the care instructions for these sharpeners are the same as those for other Japanese water stones, in particular stones from Naniwa. Additional characteristics Country of origin Japan.
NANIWA production
Series Traditional Stones (DX Stone)
Type Whetstone
Dimensions 55-57x70x20 mm
Type of delivery without packagingRecommended coolant - clean cold water.


Country of origin
Traditional Stones (DX Stone)
220, 1000, 2000, 6000, 8000
Abrasive material
Aluminium oxide
cut stone
Stone size
Polishing Lubricant
clean water
260 g
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