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For owners of the Veritas MK.II Standard Honing Guide sharpening system, an additional option is available - Veritas Narrow-Blade Clamp Head - fasteners that are compatible with the standard Veritas MK.II sharpener and allow you to sharpen narrow chisels with a blade width of 3.2 mm (1/8 inch) ) up to 38 mm (1-1/2 inches). If you need to sharpen narrow chisels and you already have the standard Veritas MK.II Standard Honing Guide, then there is no need to buy a special device for this - the Veritas Mk.II Narrow-Blade Honing Guide (it is one and a half times more expensive than the base model - sharpeners Veritas MK.II Standard). Simply purchasing the Veritas Narrow-Blade Clamp Head option will greatly expand your range of possibilities. Clamping head Veritas Narrow-Blade with the help of additional special jaws provides a clear fixation of the tool in the sharpening system even with a small area of ​​contact between the chisel and the holder and eliminates distortion of the tool during sharpening.


Country of origin
Blade width
3,2mm (1/8") - 38мм (1-1 / 2")
Grinding angle range
15 - 54 degrees
Blade thickness
6,5mm max
Overall dimensions
175х90х85 mm packaged
800 g.
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