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Grindstone Norton Crystolon 8 "x 3" x 1/2" Coarse (Norton No. CJB83) is an abrasive platform impregnated with a very dense oil with overall dimensions of 203x76x12 mm. The dimensions of the working surface of the stone are convenient for both manual sharpening of knives and for sharpening carpentry tools (chisels, planer irons) using various devices such as "wheels" Norton Crystolon Coarse is characterized by very fast metal removal, leaves visible scratches on the supply. Grain size is about 130 microns.

Along with one of the most famous stones from the company Norton from the United States of America India Oil Stone - Norton 8" Pike Crystolon is no less popular among sharpening fans.

Unlike the India Oil Stones, the Norton 8" Pike Crystolon JB83 series uses a silicon carbide grain, with the coarse, medium and fine grains slightly coarser than similar India Oil Stones.

The Norton 8" Pike Crystolon 8" x 3"x 1/2" stone series features fine (Fine, Norton Item No. FJB83), medium (Medium, Norton Item No. MJB83) and coarse (Coarse, Norton Item No. CJB83) grit.

    The average size of the abrasive grain in the Coarse stone is about 130 microns (P120 according to FEPA classification).
    The average size of the abrasive grain in the Medium stone is about 80 microns (P180 according to FEPA classification).
    The average size of the abrasive grain in the Fine stone is about 45 microns (P320 according to FEPA classification).

The stone comes from the factory impregnated (impregnated) with oil. The stones have a large working surface (the size of the Norton 8" Pike Crystolon JB83 abrasive stone is 0.5" x 3" x 8" in inches or 12x73 * 203 mm. - 8" x 3" x 1/2"), which is excellent Suitable for sharpening almost any tool or knife.The width of these stones makes them easy to use with sharpening accessories such as wheels and a variety of blade holders, chisels or planer irons.They are a great choice for almost any sharpening project.

Norton's 8" Crystolon is made in Mexico. The geometry of the bar from the factory is good, the stone does not require additional alignment, as well as “cheering up” the working surface of the abrasive before the first use. Initially, the stone comes without radial chamfers on the edges (it is recommended to round the edges of the bar before the first use).

The stone bond of the Norton 8" Pike Crystolon JB83 bar is hard, the stone holds the geometry very well, but at the same time has a very high metal removal rate. Works equally well with stainless, high alloy and carbon steels. usually easily removed with warm water or oil.

Although the stone is oily, it can be used with other coolants that have a lower density than oil to increase the rate of metal removal. For example, when working with water, the metal removal rate increases.

The multifunctional case, in which the stone is delivered, reliably protects it from mechanical damage, also serves as a case for storing the bar and a stand for sharpening (it has rubber feet to prevent slippage and collars to fix the stone).


Country of origin
Norton Crystolon
Abrasive material
silicon carbide
Stone size
Polishing Lubricant
sharpening oil or water
700 g.
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