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Grindstone Norton India 8 "x 3" x 1/2" Coarse (Norton Item No. CB83) is an abrasive platform impregnated with very dense oil with overall dimensions of 203x76x12 mm. The dimensions of the working surface of the stone are convenient for both manual sharpening of knives and for sharpening carpentry tools (chisels, planer irons) using various devices such as "wheels". Norton India Coarse is characterized by a very fast metal removal, leaves visible scratches on the supply. Grain size - from 60 to 100 microns.


Norton India sharpening stones are oil stones (originally supplied from the manufacturer with pre-oil impregnation of the inter-abrasive space) made of aluminum oxide. The stones have a large working surface - 8"x 3"x1/2", which is great for sharpening almost any tool or knife. The width of these stones makes it easy to use them with auxiliary sharpening tools such as gurneys and various blade holders, A chisel or planer iron is a great choice for just about any sharpening project.

The Norton India 8" x 3" x 1/2" stone series features fine (Fine, Norton Item No. FB83), medium (Medium, Norton Item No. MB83) and coarse (Coarse, Norton Item No. CB83) grit bars .

The multifunctional case, in which the stone is delivered, reliably protects it from mechanical damage, also serves as a case for storing the bar and a stand for sharpening (it has rubber feet to prevent slippage and collars to fix the stone).

Below is a classification of grit parameters of various abrasive stones manufactured by Norton:

1. Extremely Coarse - has a very high metal removal rate, leaves very noticeable scratches on the lead. Grain size - more than 100 microns. Available in Extra Coarse Diamond and Coarse Crystolon bars.

2. Coarse - Very fast metal removal, leaves visible scratches on the supply. The grain size is from 60 to 100 microns. Available in Extra Coarse Diamond, Coarse India and 220 Grit Waterstone.

3. Medium Coarse - Fast metal removal, the machined surface of the workpiece has a satin look. Grain size - from 45 to 60 microns. Available in Medium Crystolon and Coarse Diamond bars.

4. Medium - Good metal removal rate, light scratches. An intermediate stage before finer processing. The grain size is from 35 to 45 microns. Available in Medium India and Fine Crystolon bars.

5. Medium Fine - The minimum recommended grit for the final sharpening of most knives, the finished blade approach has a matte finish. The grain size is from 25 to 35 microns. Available in Fine India bars.

6. Fine - Low material removal rate, the appearance of the metal surface of the supply after processing is velvety matte. With the help of Fine stone processing, the quality of the cutting edge is achieved, like most knives with good factory sharpening. Grain size - from 15 to 25 microns. Available in Fine Diamond, Soft Arkansas, and 1000 Grit Waterstone.

7. Extra Fine - Low metal removal rate. The lead is shiny, polished. With the help of Extra Fine stone processing, a very sharp cutting edge is realized - better than most knives with good factory sharpening. The grain size is from 8 to 15 microns. Extra Fine - grit of Extra Fine Diamond and Hard Arkansas bars.

8. Extremely Fine - A very sharp cutting edge is realized. Very low material removal rate. The approach is good after Extremely Fine processing, almost mirror-like. The grain size is from 4 to 8 microns. Available in Norton 4000 Waterstone, Hard Black Arkansas, Hard Translucent Arkansas.

9. Near Mirror Polish - Abrasives with this grit characteristic are used to obtain an almost perfectly polished approach. The grain size is from 2 to 4 microns. Available in Norton 8000 Waterstone and DMT Extra Extra Fine Diamond Stone.

10. Mirror Polish - Extremely low metal removal rate, the finished surface is a perfect mirror with no visible flaws. The grain size is from 0 to 0 microns. It is implemented when working on pastes, powders and compounds - Diamond Paste, Green Honing Compound, Abrasive Powder.


Country of origin
Norton India
Abrasive material
aluminium oxide
Stone size
Polishing Lubricant
sharpening oil or water
700 g.
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