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Norton Queer Creek is a rather rare guest in our area, but it is very famous and popular in the USA. It is also called - blue Ohio, in the place of the first extraction. This is sandstone, formed by compacted layers, that is, some kind of compression of rocks.
The stone has a very useful feature, it can be used with a suspension, that is, with free grain. Moreover, both with its own stone suspension, and with a suspension of other stones. And thus, to regulate the rate of metal removal and the roughness of the work. Visually, the work of the stone is distinctive, with a bright brilliance of the carts, and functionally, it kind of grinds the metal and thus relieves the RC from the risks of the previous stones.
This example, when compared with synthetic stones, can be compared with the work of stones of 400 units according to Fepa F, which is about 800 according to JIS and, accordingly, about 20 microns.

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