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Boning knife

A boning knife is a cutting tool that is used to separate meat from bones. It is this purpose that determines a number of specific characteristics that fundamentally distinguish boning knives from other types of knives.
The main distinguishing features are primarily:
- flexibility of the blade (which allows you to clearly bypass the bends of the bone, the maximum thickness of the blade is about 2 mm);
- a narrow blade, widening towards the handle, blade construction with a double wedge (V-shaped section both in the vertical and horizontal plane - narrowing from the butt to the cutting edge and from the heel to the tip);
- comfortable, non-slip in the palm, handle (usually made of thermoplastic) with a guard;
- antibacterial coating;
- blade made of molybdenum-vanadium stainless steel with high resistance to blunting.
When cutting meat, several types of cutting and chopping tools can be used. For example, for large pieces, a billhook or a special ax is often used. If it is necessary to separate the meat from the bones, a boning knife should be used, and a trimming knife should be used to clean the already prepared fillet from the veins. However, experts believe that the classic boning knife is universal, because it is convenient for them to “disassemble” both large pieces of carcasses, and small fragments, and separate the fillets. The blade of such a tool bends well, it is convenient for them to “bypass” even small bones and cut out veins.
The deboning process begins with the separation of pieces of pulp that lack bones. Such pieces are especially valuable because they can be cooked in large whole pieces. Further, smaller pieces of pulp are separated from the bones. The boning knife allows you to “bypass” the bones as close as possible, the meat belongs to the first category in terms of quality, because it is suitable for preparing most restaurant dishes. Lastly, the trimming is removed directly from the bone. This is the cheapest type of meat, used for minced meat. If necessary, trimming is carried out only after the separation of the pulp from the bones. With the help of a boning knife, it is possible to remove the veins without cutting a piece of meat into fragments.
There are many well-known brands of widely used boning knives from the most budgetary to expensive elite brands - these are Tramontina, Giesser, Dick, Eicker, EIKASO Solingen, etc.
Presented EIKASO Solingen boning knives belong to the above-average price segment and are produced in Germany (Solingen). Germany is rightfully considered a leader in the production of this kind of specialized deboning cutting tools.
EIKASO Solingen has been on the global boning knife market for over 80 years and uses only the highest quality molybdenum-vanadium stainless steel for its products. This allows you to work with the blade with the most complex carcasses for a long time and not worry about possible damage to it. Such steel ensures sharpness of sharpening for a long period, even if you have to work with a boning knife in almost extreme conditions.
EIKASO Solingen uses rubber and nylon as material for the handles, which makes them very pleasant to the touch, non-slip even when contaminated with grease and blood, environmentally friendly and resistant to damage. EIKASO Solingen knives are not afraid of falling from a height onto hard surfaces.
When working with such a tool, the index finger should be located on top of the handle, the big one should wrap around it and be fixed from below, the rest should also be located below. The boning knife allows you to remove even small particles of meat from the bones, because the blade bends and “tightly” bypasses every hard element.
A boning knife can also be used as a regular household kitchen knife. In most cases, it can work great as an all-rounder and can be used for all basic kitchen operations, right down to slicing baked goods, vegetables and cheese.

Boning Knife EIKASO Solingen fillet flexible 21cm
Boning Knife EIKASO Solingen hard 16cm
Boning Knife EIKASO Solingen hard 16cm
1,023.83 грн
Boning Knife EIKASO Solingen medium flexible 26cm
Knife EIKASO Solingen hard 13cm
Knife EIKASO Solingen hard 13cm
989.86 грн
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