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Boride's PREMIUM STONING OIL is the ideal lubricant for all abrasive bars that accept oil, as well as coated abrasives on hard or soft backings. The use of PREMIUM STONING OIL will avoid clogging of the working surface of the stone, prevent unnecessary stress on the abrasive and extend its life. Also, PREMIUM STONING OIL improves control over the blasting process, makes work more comfortable, and the result is more predictable.

PREMIUM STONING OIL is virtually odorless, non-toxic and, unlike coolants containing kerosene (as a solvent and surfactant catalyst), does not require additional precautions and does not have a harmful effect on the skin. As a lubricant, PREMIUM STONING OIL can be applied both to the working surface of the abrasive and to the workpiece.

Abrasive stones that require pre-soaking with oil before initial use can be soaked in PREMIUM STONING OIL, but stones of different grain sizes should not be soaked in the same oil to avoid contamination of finer stones with coarse abrasive particles.

Oil-based PREMIUM STONING OIL is recommended by BORIDE Engineered Abrasives for use with BORIDE Engineered Abrasives' abrasives and any other abrasives that accept oil.


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