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Convenient organizer for storing stones for sharpeners of "apexoid" format up to 150mm long. The organizer is made of plywood with a raw surface. Wood well adsorbs residual moisture from stones and helps prevent their cracking. The organizer is made in the form of a pencil case, with convenient selections in the lid and dividing partitions, which makes it easy to open and close the lid and remove stones from it. The organizer has six slots with an internal dimension of 12mm x 170mm, which is optimally suited to accommodate the most popular size of abrasive stones used for machine sharpening - six inches long by one inch wide (6”x1” or 152mm x 25mm). Due to the sufficiently large allowance for the length and width of the cell, stones with glued blanks are freely placed in it.

The organizer has overall dimensions of 190x103x37 mm. Before laying water stones after use for long-term storage, it is recommended to dry the stones, and also after laying to keep the lid half open for some time in order to balance the residual moisture in the stone. Also, due to reasons of abrasive hygiene, it is recommended to label each cell with the grit of the stone to be stored in it and use the same cell for stones with the same grit.
Country of manufacture Ukraine
Case type, Organizer for whetstones
Material plywood
Outer size 190x103x37 mm
Internal cell size 170x12mm
Number of cells 6
Weight 220 gr.

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