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Paste Dialux white (DIALUX BLANC) is intended for finishing processing. This is a general purpose paste. Due to the binder, which includes fats of animal origin, it is easy to apply on polishing wheels, it is easy to melt even with slight heating. At room temperature, it is easily applied to the skin of dressing boards and forms by light rubbing, without pressure. At the same time, the application of the paste is not visually determined, but the paste particles that remain in the pores of the skin work, this is noticeable after the start of editing by the dark spots remaining on the skin with a metallic sheen. Waste metal with paste residue is removed mechanically from the skin surface, for example, using a knife butt (it cannot be washed off with a solvent, this can damage the skin). Despite the fact that aluminum oxide is present in the Dialux white paste as an abrasive component, the removal of metal from the workpiece is carried out mainly due to the chemical effect on the treated surface (Dialux paste includes surfactants that react with oxides metal).

A distinctive feature of the Dialux white paste is its colorlessness, which makes it easier to remove it from the product after polishing. This is especially true when polishing wooden workpieces such as knife handles and so on.

According to its characteristics (abrasive and polishing ability), it stands between the blue (finer) and gray (rougher) Dialux paste.

Dialux abrasive paste is a fairly effective way to polish a knife blade to a mirror finish. Originally developed for dentistry and jewellery, Dialux paste excels in knife sharpening and has become one of the best abrasives for dressing leather.

Dialux paste has a complex composite composition consisting of various abrasive materials. Dialux grit is not subject to FEPA standard. In total, 8 types of Dialux paste are produced, which are assigned colors for simplicity. For each Dialux color, the main abrasive component is known (there may be satellite components).

By purchasing DIALUX paste in our company, you are purchasing an original product manufactured by either Lippert Unipol (France) or OSBORN (Germany), as evidenced by the logos of these companies on the bottom of the package.

Roks company suggests you to buy DIALUX paste for finishing polishing 110 g (white) in Kyiv at a low price. Pickup or delivery throughout Ukraine.


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