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The classic variation of the polishing paste based on chromium oxide under the DIALUX brand. DIALUX, produced by the French company Lippert Unipol and the German company OSBORN, is the leader in the production of components for adhesive polishing with pastes based on oxides of various metals. Basically, these pastes are positioned for use in jewelry, so the main emphasis in the description of their use is on working with non-ferrous metals. However, the green DIALUX belongs to the universal pastes, which work equally well as copper alloys and precious metals, and do a good job with ordinary steel, even the hardest.
The external resemblance to GOI pastes is rather deceptive. Despite the fact that DIALUX green is based on chromium oxide, like GOI paste, the DIALUX development is much more recent and includes a large number of innovative solutions, which significantly affects its efficiency. DIALUX green is made on the basis of animal fats, quite hard at room temperature, but at the same time it can be applied well both on discs of electromechanical polishing mechanisms and simply on lapping surfaces (leather, wood, etc.). DIALUX green in terms of abrasive ability belongs to pastes of medium range of action. This does not mean that it cannot achieve a perfectly mirrored surface, for example, on stainless steel. The irregularities that DIALUX green paste leaves after processing the surface of the workpiece are absolutely indistinguishable for the human eye. However, in a number of DIALUX pastes there are modifications that work much thinner, for example, DIALUX blue. But the difference in the work of these pastes can only be seen with a good microscope.
By its abrasive ability DIALUX green is close to DIALUX white - giving a glossy mirror surface when polished, it is able to eliminate fairly significant visible defects such as scratches and gouges. The type of impact on the polished surface of the DIALUX green paste is adhesive. Paste particles adhere to the metal oxide on the surface of the workpiece being processed and are mechanically removed with particles of this very oxide. Due to this, soft polishing occurs and that is why pastes of this type of action are able to polish materials of much higher hardness than the substances that make up the pastes themselves.
Note that when purchasing DIALUX paste in our company, you are purchasing an original product (not a fake) produced at the enterprises of either Lippert Unipol (France) or OSBORN (Germany), as evidenced by the logos of these companies on the bottom side of the package.


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