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A mosaic pin is a decorative sleeve, the cross section of which forms an ornament or pattern. It is designed to fix the handle dies and is very often used in the manufacture of knives instead of standard bushings, ties and rivets. The handle, beautifully decorated with mosaic pins, acquire a unique and inimitable look.Decorative mosaic pins are very different. As a rule, they vary in diameter from 3 to 10 mm. Simple mosaic pins are filled with copper, aluminum or stainless steel wire, although other materials are also found. In more complex pins, nested tubes with symmetrical or asymmetrical mounting are used, as well as profile guides that form a certain pattern on the cut. There are lanyard pins with a lanyard hole in the middle. The space between the metal parts of the pin is evenly filled with compound. The filler can have a wide range of colors, up to the inclusion of phosphorescent elements. The installation of knife handle overlays on mosaic pins is quite simple. A notch is applied to the outer surface of the pin with a file, after which the corresponding piece of the pin is fixed in the hole in the die with glue. Despite the seemingly low reliability of the connection, fixing the knife handle pads with pins is in no way inferior in performance to mounting on screeds.


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