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A rod (pin), length 150mm (min), diameter 6.3mm (1/4 inch), is convenient for fixing the dies if the hole sizes in the blade blank are inch. Manufactured from high strength G10 composite material.

G10 is a very light and hard composite material based on fiberglass and special epoxy resins, i.e. At its core, G10 is a compound that is reinforced with fiberglass under pressure. Fiberglass gives rigidity to the structure of the material, and to improve consumer characteristics, G10 additionally contains special reinforcing chemical compounds that eliminate brittleness and brittleness. G10 is not combustible, has high strength characteristics, is perfectly processed, and is resistant to destructive environmental factors.

As a material used in the manufacture of cutting tool handles, in particular pins and other fasteners, G-10 has the following advantages:

• high resistance to various mechanical loads (stretching, bending, impact);
• excellent ratio of mechanical strength and low weight;
• has excellent properties for machining - sawing, milling, polishing. Unlike micarta, it gives an operational cleanliness of the surface immediately after milling;
• absolute hydrophobic surface of the material that does not absorb liquids;
• Resistance to harmful environmental influences - solvents, acids, alkalis, ultraviolet, biological factors, etc.;
• has low electrical conductivity;
• not combustible;
• does not deform when exposed to high temperatures.

G10 pins have excellent strength, high resistance to impact loads, as well as torsional, tensile and bending loads. Despite the high strength and rigidity, G10 products are easy to process. G10 is well glued with various adhesives, incl. epoxy resins and cyacrine adhesives. All of this makes G-10 one of the most attractive pin materials for knife handles.


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