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The maximum allowable belt width is 46mm
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A universal plastic belt clip (clip) is a clip for attaching to a belt, a loop into which a belt is threaded. But at the same time, the clip allows for quick removal from the belt. These universal clips fit belts up to 46mm, very practical if you need a slim profile or a snug flush fit on a holster, sheath or sheath. This mount can be worn on a strap or just on a belt. These flush-mounted clips are made from a special, very strong and resilient polymer that springs like steel, but is much lighter and more practical. The universal belt clip has a bottom latch with a finger hook for secure fixation and easy quick removal.

Universal belt clip (clip) is designed for installation on scabbards, holsters, cases and magazine cases - great for use with BOLTARON, KYDEX or HOLSTEX plastic. The 105mm universal belt shackle has pre-installed mounting holes (3pcs) with a diameter of 5mm, allowing for slight movement when fixing the clip. The presence of three holes provides a certain degree of freedom during installation and at the same time eliminates the scrolling of the clip during operation. Mounting units (screw, nut, metal and rubber washer) are included in the scope of supply (2 sets). The universal belt clip is extremely durable in terms of service life and resistant to harmful environmental influences (aggressive chemicals, temperature extremes, ultraviolet, etc.).

Country of origin - China
Dimensions - 105x14x20mm
Height (maximum girth thickness) - 4.5mm
Delivery set includes: screw (2 pcs.), nuts (2 pcs.) spacer and decorative washers
The maximum allowable belt width is 46mm
Weight - 20 grams


Country of origin
Additional Information
The maximum allowable belt width is 46mm
Dimensions (edit)
Bracket screw (2 pcs.), Nuts (2 pcs.) Spacer and decorative washers
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