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The platform is made of 12mm thick artificial stone with a working surface size of 210x70mm, which corresponds to the size of a standard Japanese water stone.

The artificial stone platform is covered with leather, 5 mm thick (the total thickness of the platform with the skin is 17 mm). The thickness of the skin is normalized, has no differences. The skin is glued down with the mezdra layer (soft part of the skin, inversion), and the mereya (outer, hard side of the skin) is used as a working surface.

The leather is vegetable tanned and does not adversely affect the steel of the knife. Initially, the skin is covered with a protective film, which must be removed before the first use.

The dressing platform will be interesting for craftsmen and amateurs who practice sharpening “by hand” without additional devices. The platform can be installed in any of the stone holders for manual sharpening and implement a work plane of the usual size, which will allow you to perform all finishing operations - remove the finishing burr, polish the supply, etc. without changing the motor skills developed during the sharpening process.

The dressing platform can be used with any polishing compositions (pastes, powders, etc.) applied to the surface of the skin to increase the productivity of the process, as well as simply with clean skin without additional ingredients.

The maintenance schedule for the dressing platform is the same as for regular boards with leather. It is necessary to clean the surface of the skin from sludge without the use of any liquids (so as not to spoil the skin), mechanically, for example, using the butt of a knife.

Country of origin Ukraine
Type Platform
Material Black leather
Base material Artificial stone
Application For dressing
Board size 210x70x12 mm
Weight 510 g
Packaging Cellophane


Country of origin
Dimensions (edit)
Base material
510 g
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