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3VТМ presents VOLOD`S CLEANING Substance, unique in its composition and quality parameters. VOLOD`S CLEANING Substance is great for removing from your hands and any surfaces, including surfaces of abrasive stones, residues and traces of honing or any other oil or grease, along with scraped metal, used abrasive grains and other substances.

VOLOD`S CLEANING Substance, due to the presence of fine quartz abrasive and surfactants in its composition, binds fats, oils and inclusions of other substances contained in them, which contributes to their unhindered removal from any surface or from your hands. It is enough to slightly moisten the oily surface or hands, then apply a little VOLOD`S CLEANING Substance powder, then rub hand in hand. When applied to the surface - lightly rub with a napkin - the higher the degree of contamination, the longer and with greater effort to rub - and after a short time wash your hands under running water. In the case of a surface, remove the resulting slurry from VOLOD`S CLEANING Substance with a napkin or rag, then wipe the treated surface dry.

Due to the unique natural composition of VOLOD`S CLEANING Substance, it has a slight alkaline reaction and is gentle on the skin of your hands, it is absolutely harmless, but considering that this composition, when used appropriately, removes even traces of fat, we recommend washing your skin after it in running water and moisturize with cream.

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Country of origin
BORIDE Engineered Abrasives
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