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The rotary mechanism from the MadEdge sharpening system (Ukraine) is an accessory that can be used both with a standard device and adapted separately to any other grinding machine. In fact, this product transforms the design of the "apxoid" sharpener into a machine with a rotary mechanism, such as "Efim's sharpener".
The swivel mechanism consists of a swivel block with two fixed positions, a swivel frame and clamping jaws. Despite the very powerful spring of the swivel mechanism (it is quite difficult to pull the turn signal from the fixation point), the rotation of the holders around its axis is very easy, almost effortless. In this case, it is not necessary to pull the holder before turning. An adjusting screw is provided, with which you can change the degree of compression of the spring and, accordingly, the force when turning the mechanism. All friction parts are made of steel with nitrided surfaces of the contact layers, which greatly increases their wear resistance. The length of the frame of the rotary mechanism is 200 mm. Clamping jaws are made of steel 65G. The bevel of the jaws is 8 degrees per side, which allows you to comfortably sharpen knives with a sharpening angle of up to 12 degrees per side. A floating nut is used in the clamps, which compensates for the misalignment of the screw when fixing thin knives. The minimum center distance of the jaws of the holder is 57 mm (the maximum is 168 mm), the width of the jaws is 15 mm. Accordingly, the minimum blade length for comfortable sharpening in two clamps without the use of additional devices is about 80 mm. For short blades, you can use fixation either in one clamp, or use an additional option in the form of a fork for clamping jaws, which allows you to firmly fix the position of the clamps even close to each other.
In addition to the Fork for fixed fastening of the clamping jaws, the turning mechanism can also be supplied with clamping jaws for blades with Scandinavian slopes and an adapter for sharpening flat chisels as accessories.
The swivel mechanism is mounted on the frame using M8 screw and a fixing sleeve with a diameter of 9 mm (the sleeve is included in the delivery), which prevents the mechanism from turning on the frame.
Country of origin Ukraine
Manufacturer MadEdge
Minimum center distance between clamping jaws 57 mm
Maximum center distance between clamping jaws 168 mm
Jaw width 15 mm
Clearance in the jaws when not clamped 4 mm
Bevel angle of jaws per side 8 degrees
Min. half angle of sharpening 12 degrees
Weight 930 g.


Country of origin
Clamp Width
15 mm
Minimum sharpening angle
12 degrees to the side
Distance between clamps (max)
168 mm
Distance between clamps (min)
57 mm
Blade thickness
5mm max
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