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A device for sharpening into a lens (convex) is used to create a lenticular (bullet-shaped) supply.

Lenticular sharpening, leaving all the advantages of conventional sharpening - the sharpness and aggressiveness of the cut - significantly increases the resistance to blunting of the cutting tool. Usually, the approach to lenticular sharpening is implemented by multi-stage approach processing with an increase in the angle when moving from abrasive to abrasive. This method is labor intensive and yet does not give the result that is obtained after using a lens sharpener. The approach after multi-stage processing still has edges, and often processed with abrasives of various grain sizes. This all increases the cutting force. The lens sharpener implements a simple and effective method of convex sharpening that does not require much effort and experience. In addition to choosing the main sharpening angle, when sharpening into a convex, it is also necessary to choose the approach lensing angle, i.e. how much the sharpening angle at the convergence line will differ from the sharpening angle near the cutting edge. The lens sharpener allows you to set the drop from 3 to 9 degrees per side in 1 degree increments. The manufacturer recommends choosing a lensing angle of 4 to 6 degrees per side. With these parameters, the edge of the knife is subject to less chipping and, at the same time, the sharpness of the knife is maintained for a longer time.

The lens sharpener is only suitable for blank blanks.

The lens sharpener is not included in the standard scope of delivery of the Zhuk sharpener.

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