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Cast iron lap, width 25mm, length 150mm, ends with bevels at 45 degrees (under the "dovetail").

The work surface is processed and prepared on one side. Cast iron is annealed, ductile and "soft". Guaranteed free of cavities and hidden defects. The lap is made of SCH-20 cast iron and is designed for both manual and semi-mechanical (machine) processing of the cutting edge (RK) during sharpening and finishing. The lap has geometric dimensions of 150x25 * 4 mm, which allows it to be effectively used in sharpening systems such as Hapstone, Apex, Ganzo and others compatible with the holder type data. When using magnetic clamps in the beds of sharpeners, there is a slight effect of the magnetic field on the lap, which can be easily compensated by changing the pressing force during operation.

The essence of abrasive lapping is that the abrasive grains that are between the treated surface and the lapping are pressed into the surface of the latter and caricatured in it. When moving the lap relative to the cutting edge, the abrasive grains fixed in it remove the finest chips from the surface being machined.

The process is similar to working with grinding diamond or elbor stones on a metal or organic bond.

The difference lies in the hardness of the working surface of the grinding bar, which has a positive effect on the creation of a work hardening zone on the RC. In the course of work with laps, it is possible to obtain surfaces with deviations from the required geometric shape up to 0.1-0.3 microns. At the same time, the physical and mechanical properties of the treated surface after finishing-lapping are always higher than after fine grinding. The recommended grit size of diamond and elbor pastes used with this lapping is from 60/40 to 1/0. But its use is especially effective in the final stages of sharpening and finishing (fine grinding and polishing) with abrasive pastes from 20/14 to 3/2.

The lap can be used both for working on free grain (pastes, bonded abrasive, suspensions), and with a fixed abrasive after caricaturing the working surface with it. It is also possible to combine these two types of processing by applying the paste on an already caricatured lap (especially effective on coarse grains). When working with micro-powders in finishing operations, it is recommended to use cartoonized lappings without additional paste applied during final finishing.

To fix the abrasive powder on the surface of the lap, it is pressed into the lap before work, caricaturing with a hardened steel bar or roller. After caricature, the rest of the abrasive paste is removed from the lap, lubricated and used for work until it becomes dull, i.e. will not lose its abrasive ability.

As a lubricant during operation, honing coolants based on mineral oils, surfactants and kerosene are used. In the course of work, if necessary, the working surface of the lap is moistened with either oil or pure kerosene. The addition of abrasive pastes to increase the intensity of work is allowed when working with coarse grains.

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