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A spacer is a design element of a knife that can be used as a decorative component of a typesetting bolster, as well as instead of the bolster itself (a spacer thickness of 1.0 mm allows this) in lightweight knife handle designs with short blades.

Almost any materials can be used as decorative and reinforcing spacers, from various kinds of metals, plastics, fibers to materials of animal origin (bone, tooth, tusk, skin).

The blank of the spacer is made of stainless steel grade 04X18H9 (AISI 304) and is a rectangle that can be easily cut to the required non-standard size of the handle. Since the material of the handle is usually much softer than stainless steel, when adjusting with sanding, it is recommended to apply it (sanding) to a solid base in order to avoid parasitic sampling on the handle at the junction of wood and spacer.

Stainless steel is the most practical material for bolsters. Stainless steel is relatively cheap, polishes well, is more resistant to mechanical damage (scratches, dents, matting, etc.) than copper-based non-ferrous metal alloys (brass, bronze, cupronickel). In addition, stainless steel does not form a galvanic pair with the blade and, accordingly, does not cause corrosion at the point of contact of the constructive parts of the knife. Stainless steel, as a rule, fits well into any knife design because it is close to the blade in color shades and has a neutral character in the handle inlay.

Spacer blanks are presented in the form factor 35x25x1mm. The slot in the blank can be 12x4mm, 12x3mm, 12x2.5mm and 12x2mm, which fits the format of the shank of most kitchen blades used for flush mounting.

A non-slotted spacer option is available, which can be used in any non-standard case.


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