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A spacer is a design element of a knife that can be used as a decorative component of a typesetting bolster, as well as instead of the bolster itself (a spacer thickness of 1.5 mm allows this) in lightweight knife handle designs with short blades.

Almost any materials can be used as decorative and reinforcing spacers, from various kinds of metals, plastics, fibers to materials of animal origin (bone, tooth, tusk, leather).

The spacers are made of LS-59 brand brass, which is very easily subjected to any machining (sawed, ground, polished), while it is wear-resistant and easy to clean. The composition of brass brand LS-59 includes up to 60% copper, about 40% zinc and up to 2% lead. It is the presence of lead in the composition of the alloy that reduces ductility (compared to two-component alloys) and makes it possible to effectively process it by cutting to obtain small chips. The blank for the spacer is an ellipse, along the contour of which you can easily fit the adjacent handle. Since the material of the handle is usually much softer than brass, when fitting with sanding, it is recommended to apply it (sandpaper) to a solid base in order to avoid parasitic sampling on the handle at the junction with the typesetting bolter.
The slot in the 12x3mm and 12x2mm delivery will also fit the shanks of most blades used for flush mounting.


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