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Bravopell Kenda Farben Skin Softener

Bravopell softener is used to improve skin elasticity. Can be used at various stages of processing from molding (to facilitate the production of folds) to use on the finished product in places of constant mechanical stress or greatest stretch to avoid the appearance of cracks or wrinkles. Bravopell Kenda Farben leather softener softens leather, helps to remove wrinkles and facilitates tightening into a stocking sheath shape.
Bravopell Kenda Farben Leather Softener is applied by sponge, spray or dip directly to the front or inside of the area to be softened. Bravopell Kenda Farben skin softener has a long lasting effect. The softener Bravopell Kenda Farben does not get dirty, does not leave stains on the surface of the skin, and can be washed off with water if necessary. Bravopell Kenda Farben leather softener must not be used on greasy leathers or parts intended to be bonded.

Country of origin - Italy
Name - Bravopell
Color - colorless
Volume - 100ml
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