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Multi-size slicker made of beech, designed for polishing and smoothing leather on leather goods, has special grooves for processing edges, as well as extended sections for polishing planes and end sections for embossed processing of leather.
The most successful materials for the manufacture of wooden slickers are polished, but untreated beech, birch, sandalwood, and bloodwood wood. The finely porous structure of these rocks allows you to most gently polish the surface of the skin to a perfect shine, as well as remove all irregularities and emphasize the folds of the curves where necessary. Also, the blunt or sharp end of the slicker can be used as a tool for embossing volumetric textures on the skin. In addition, with the help of special grooves with a width of 3, 5, 6 and 12 mm, the slicker can easily smooth out and give a complete texture to the end cuts of leather of various thicknesses. The processing of the ends is carried out after chamfering with an edge cutter and impregnation with a dressing. Both the outer part of the butt (with the inner part of the slicker groove) and, if necessary, its inner part (with protrusions between the slicker grooves) are polished.

Country of origin - Ukraine
Slicker material - beech wood
Overall dimensions - 148x24mm
Groove width - 3, 5, 6 and 12mm
Weight - 30 grams

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