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Self-adhesive abrasive sheets 800 grit (20 microns), consist of a strong 125 micron (1/8 mm) backing in the form of a polyester film (the film is cut-resistant and allows you to work both "from the grain" and "on the grain") coated with water resistant aluminum oxide coating. The grain bond is very elastic and the abrasive layer holds its shape well even on very sharp bends. Abrasive sheets are designed for sharpening and finishing cutting tools, as well as grinding and polishing various metal parts. Sheets are easily cut with scissors to the desired format and then can be glued to any profiled surface made of polymeric materials, glass, stone, wood, etc. In the case of use for sharpening in manual sharpening machines, it is most effective to use a glass blank glued on aluminum as a substrate for abrasive films. The glass blank provides a solid and even work surface, while the aluminum blank ensures secure fastening in the abrasive holder. Polishing and grinding films are extremely effective in sharpening carpentry tools (chisels, planer irons). To work with wheelchairs, the films can be glued to the glass of the required format.
The films have an extremely high abrasive capacity due to the small amount of abrasive grain sieving and relatively soft backing. When working, large abrasive grains are embedded in the soft base and allow the smaller abrasive to also contact the metal and work. This provides the maximum possible number of cutting edges per unit area. A large number of cutting edges also increase the surface finish - polishing films work much finer and cleaner compared to hard-bond abrasives of similar grit. In the manufacture of films, the technology of electrostatic grain orientation is used, which also increases the abrasive ability of the tool. Abrasive films are oil-water resistant, any coolant can be used for work, "dry" operation is extremely undesirable - this drastically reduces the working life of the abrasive film. When working with oil coolant, one film can withstand up to 10-15 sharpening cycles. To enhance the polishing effect of the approach, as well as to improve the performance of worn films, you can use Dialux pastes, applying them to the working surface of the films. For abrasive films of 1 and 3 microns, it is recommended to use Dialux Bleu blue paste, when working with films of 9 and 15 microns, you can use Dialux Blanc white paste, when working with films of 20 and 30 microns, use Dialux Gris gray paste. The film itself is glued without the slightest problem on the form (glass, aluminum) - just like it is removed.

Abrasive films are very effective, work in all ranges of sharpening from peeling to the finest finishing and allow you to get a huge increase in sharpness and increase the durability of the cutting edge of the tool.


Country of origin
1A abrasives GmbH
800 grit (20 mkm)
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Base material
polymer film
Water-oil resistance
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