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The name of the wood species is Sapele (Sapele / Cylindrical Entandrophragma / Entandrophragma cylindricum Sprague). Sapele is a huge deciduous tree (up to 45m high and with a trunk diameter of up to 1m or more), growing in West Africa - in rainforests from the Ivory Coast to Cameroon, including Ghana and Nigeria, and also to the east, in Uganda and Tanzania. Other names for this breed are sapelewood (Nigeria), aboudikro (Ivory Coast), sapelli (Cameroon).

Wood color: sapwood is pale yellow or whitish, and the heartwood is pinkish when freshly cut. As it dries, it gradually darkens to a reddish-brown color typical of mahogany. This breed is characterized by a clear pattern of uniform stripes, especially pronounced in radial sections. Occasionally there is a spotted pattern. The fibers are tangled. The texture is dense. The wood is harder and heavier than African redwood, mahogany, kayi, and is equal in indentation resistance, bending strength, stiffness and impact resistance to oak. Its dry density is about 640 kg/m³. Fresh cut with a pronounced cedar scent.

Sapele wood is moderately resistant to aggressive environmental influences. It is well processed manually and on machines. Planing and profiling are often difficult due to the tangled graininess of the fibers. To obtain a benign finish, it is recommended to use a cutting angle reduced to 15°. The wood has good nailability, glues satisfactorily, is easily etched with dyes and polishes well.

Recommended for use in everyday products, furniture, carpentry. Ideal for making knife handles and hand tools.


Name of the breed - Sapele (Sapele)

Botan. / Latin. name - Cylindrical Entandrophragma / Entandrophragma cylindricum Sprague

Region of growth - Africa

Its dry density is about 640 kg/m³

Recommended cutting angle for finishing is 15 degrees

Polishing / sanding - excellent

Susceptibility to dyes - good

Adhesion - satisfactory


Breed name
Botan. / Latin. title
Cylindrical Entandrophragma / Entandrophragma cylindricum Sprague
Growing region
Its dry density
about 640 kg/m3
Susceptibility to dyes
The size
125х50х29 mm
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