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Scotch brite is a flexible, voluminous non-woven fabric made of synthetic fibers, throughout the volume of which abrasive grains are evenly distributed. As a result, during grinding, when erasing the upper layer of the blade, abrasive grains of the mineral are always on the working surface, which guarantees high quality and a recreated processing result.

The open structure of the three-dimensional non-woven fabric prevents salting of the abrasive, increases its service life, and provides free circulation of cold air, reducing the risk of deformation of the treated surface during intensive processing.

The synthetic fiber, on which the abrasive grains are applied, is highly flexible. Due to this, the grains of the abrasive mineral are, as it were, elastic, which makes it possible to process embossed parts with abrasive without unnecessary material removal and geometry changes.

Products made of non-woven abrasive materials are designed for machine and manual processing of metals for such operations as deburring and layer removal, sheet metal cleaning, decorative finishing, rust and burr removal (stainless steel, low carbon steel, alloy steel, soft, decorative metals) for woodworking for operations such as aging, lint removal, varnish preparation, smoothing (hand sanding)

Widely used for processing stainless steel kitchenware, ovens, sinks, and other kitchen utensils. Available in different colors to match the aggressiveness of the treatment

R2000 yellow
P1200 gray
P1000 gray
Р800 coffee
P600 marsh
P400 burgundy
P320 brown
P240 green

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