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Sharpening stone SHAPTON Pro series. The whetstone manufacturer SHAPTON recommends its stones for sharpening both carpentry tools made of high carbon steels and for sharpening ordinary knife steels. SHAPTON sharpening stones are optimized for use with both Japanese cutting tools and European-made tools and blades. SHAPTON currently produces two main series of whetstones Shapton PRO and Ceramic on Glass Waterstones. The Shapton PRO series is the basic series of the manufacturer, more versatile, with a harder bond that holds its shape well. At the same time, it is designed for sharpening both products made of hard steels (high-carbon) and soft (stainless steel) and high-alloy steels.
Maintenance and care of sharpening bars. SHAPTON stones have a number of features for their care and operation. In order for the stone to serve for a long time and not become unusable, you must adhere to the following rules:
- Before any use (sharpening, leveling, cleaning) the stone should be soaked, but it should not be left in water for a long time. Recommended 6-10 min. Staying in water for more than 30 minutes can lead to softening of the surface layer, which then has to be removed. It is allowed (especially for stones with high grit) without pre-soaking to simply wet the working surface of the stone with a small amount of water as needed.
- Do not expose the stone to direct sunlight.
- After use, the stone should be dried without the use of heating devices - batteries, radiators, hair dryers. It is impossible to use forced airflow (fan). All this can lead to cracking of the stone.
- Keep the stone only at room temperature.
- When cleaning the stone, it is strictly forbidden to use hot water and detergents (they act on the bond and destroy it) - only clean cold water is used.
- in the process of sharpening, it is necessary to ensure that the surface of the stone is constantly moistened, a surface that is not sufficiently wet will quickly become greasy.
- Store SHAPTON stones in a plastic (not wooden) container. Additional characteristics: Country of origin Japan.
SHAPTON production.
Pro Series.
Type whetstone whetstone.
Material Aluminum oxide.
Thickness 6mm.
The size of the working surface is 150x21 mm.
Section Rectangular.
Application for machine sharpening.
Recommended coolants are clean cold water.
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