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SHAPTON Pro 320 grit 210x70x15 mm sharpening stone

Sharpening stone SHAPTON Pro series with the dimensions 210x70x15 mm, intended for manual sharpening.

Before using, you need to take the SHAPTON stone out of the plastic box in which it is supplied and place it on the special holder for manual sharpening (not included in the delivery set). Holders may be various: with or without clamps, or simply a small pedestal that raises the stone above the level of the workbench so that it is easy to sharpen without touching the table surface. In extreme cases, the plastic box itself may serve as such an elevation. The manufacturer strongly recommends not to use wooden products as SHAPTON stone holders or holders for them. Wood may unevenly adsorb moisture from the surface of the stone, which may subsequently lead to cracking. For the same reason, do not use wooden boxes to store SHAPTON stones. To store SHAPTON stones it is better to use its own plastic box, having previously removed all unnecessary things from it. It is recommended to choose the side without inscription as the working surface for sharpening. Keeping the inscription will make it easier to indentify the stone in the future.

Before sharpening, it is necessary to soak the stone for 6-10 minutes or simply moisten its working surface with cold clear water. During the sharpening process, it is necessary to make sure that the surface of the stone remains sufficiently moist, this will prevent salting of the working surface of the stone. During the sharpening process you should try to distribute the movements on the surface of the stone so as to use its entire surface as much as possible. In this way the stone will wear relatively evenly, and you will be less likely to need to level it. The pressure of the workpiece on the stone during sharpening should be minimal.

After you have finished sharpening one stone, before you move on to the next, thinner stone, thoroughly clean the blade or workpiece of abrasive residue. This will avoid rough scratches on the flanks and the approaches from accidental coarse abrasive particles. Due to the very hard bond, SHAPTON stones have a dense structure, from which any dirt can be easily washed away.

Before starting work, it is recommended to round off the edges of SHAPTON stones by making radius chamfers on the edges (you can do it with a fine-cut file). This will prevent accidental damage to the cutting edge in the form of deep nicks during sharpening.

If the geometry of the stone changes after it has been used for sharpening, the stone should be smoothed on the glass using silicon carbide powder. The lapping procedure on silicon carbide powder is also used to remove any damage on the stone or simply to freshen the stone's working surface. The grit size of the silicon carbide powder is selected according to how much of the stone's geometry is distorted. If you have to quickly remove a considerable amount of abrasive from the stone, start with a coarse fraction (200/160 or 100/80 microns), gradually reducing the grit size of the powder, ending with a fraction comparable to the grit size of the stone itself.
Country of origin Japan
Manufacturer SHAPTON CO,.LTD.
SHAPTON Professional Series
Purpose for hand sharpening
Grits 320 grit
Dimensions 210х70х15 mm
Packing type plastic box
Weight 700 g.


Country of origin
SHAPTON Professional Series
120, 220, 320, 1000, 1500, 2000, 5000, 8000, 12000, 30000
Abrasive material
Aluminium oxide/ silicon carbide
on aluminum plate
Stone size
Polishing Lubricant
clean water
700 gram
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