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Sharpener for sharpening the cutting tool "BEETLE" is one of the modifications of sharpening machines printed on a 3D printer. Therefore, it is a budgetary, multifunctional and extremely user-friendly device for sharpening a very wide range of cutting tools. A small base (base length - 195 mm) of the machine allows you to implement a fairly wide range of sharpening angles from 9 to 40 degrees per side. The maximum length of the blade to be sharpened is 26 cm. The blade is fixed on the bed using 4 neodymium magnets with a holding force of up to 15.2 kg. On the base there is a plate with recommended sharpening angles depending on the type and purpose of the cutting tool, corresponding to the risks on the guide post. It is possible to fasten the base of the sharpening fixture to the table surface using a clamp (included in the delivery).

As in most "apexoids", the "Beetle" sharpener is equipped with an emphasis for fixing the butt of the knife at a certain line of the bed. The fastening of the stop, like most others in this sharpener, is carried out with wing nuts. The stop is equipped with a special recess for installing short blades or knives with a curved butt.

The standard holder of sharpening bars of the Zhuk sharpener allows you to fix blanks from 148 to 160 mm. The form with the bar is completely adjacent to the plane of the holder, which eliminates the deflection of the form and breakage of the bar from strong pressure. On the back of the holder there is a protrusion that limits the forward movement of the holder and protects the hand from damage on the cutting edge. Sharpener "Beetle" is equipped with a parking rack and a leveling ring. This is quite an important point for the comfortable use of such machines, but at the same time, these options are not included in the starter kit, even for expensive models of grinding machines.


Country of origin
Bed material
Crimp sharpening range
9 to 40 degrees per side
cardboard box
Sharpener weight
0.45 kg
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