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Sharpener KLOD-4ik is a manual sharpening machine with a rotary mechanism for sharpening knives and other cutting tools.

With all the variety of rotary grinders, the KLOD sharpener has a number of qualities that allow it to take its rightful place among its competitors.

- The stability of the machine on a horizontal plane is very high, its weight is almost 9 kg (8.8 kg).

- The play of the vertical guide is eliminated, since it is tightly inserted into the bed guide to a depth of 40mm.

- Despite its very budget price, as for an all-metal sharpener with a swivel mechanism, the machine is equipped with a fine-tuning clutch, which allows you to fine-tune the sharpening angle and comfortably implement sharpening with an increase in the angle.

- Also, from the options that increase ease of use, the machine has a goniometer holder platform and locking rings with braking springs.

The upper clamping ring with a spring on a vertical guide is designed to improve the smoothness of the abrasive holder when sharpening very long blades, when the angle of rotation of the ball bushing of the swivel assembly is not enough. This ring can also be used as a leveling washer to compensate for differences in sharpening stone thickness.

The holder of stones with a spring clamp allows you to fix bars up to 200 mm long both on blanks and without blanks.


Country of origin
Bed material
Crimp sharpening range
vіd 7 to 43 degrees
Cardboard box
Sharpener weight
8.8 kg
with swivel mechanism
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