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Sharpening stones and stones
Roks company offers you to buy abrasives and whetstones for manual sharpening in Kyiv.

In assortment: water stones, elbor and diamond whetstones for manual sharpening. Artificial and natural whetstones, as well as original SHAPTON whetstones from Japan.

Boride (USA) is one of the most famous manufacturers of abrasive stones and is at the forefront in this field, along with the most famous brands in Japan and Europe. The main abrasive for Boride stones is aluminum oxide, although there are several series on silicon carbide. Each of the Boride series of stones is specialized for its narrow-profile tasks and perfectly adapts to sharpening processes, both when using stones of the same series and mixed sets.

Diamond and CBN honing stones are the most versatile solution for sharpening the widest range of blade knives and other cutting tools in a wide variety of steels. Diamond bars have a copper-tin bond and are supplied in two sizes - 150*25*3 mm and 125*12*5 mm. Elbor bars are presented both in the same format and with the same binder, and on an organic bakelite binder with a working layer size of 150 * 25 * 2 mm, pasted on an aluminum blank, 3 mm thick. The main advantage of using abrasives on a metal bond is the resistance of the geometry of the bars to abrasion during operation. Accordingly, there is no need to resort to periodic leveling of the working surface.

Natural stones are represented by Arkansas (Translucent, Black, Hard and Soft), shales and sandstones. The uniqueness of working with natural stones lies in the possibility of obtaining a cutting edge that is particularly resistant to blunting. Natural abrasives are used mainly in the final stages of sharpening and finishing, although in particularly critical cases, sharpening can be done entirely with natural stones, such as Arkansas.

Japanese water stones are, without exaggeration, the most famous abrasive stones for sharpening cutting tools and knives. Their legendary quality, based on the centuries-old experience of Japanese craftsmen, fully justifies such popularity. Our company offers you to buy water stones with delivery through the online store order basket, or pick them up yourself at our office (Kyiv).

One of the most famous and purchased brands of Japanese water stones in the European market are the SHAPTON and NANIWA brands. These stones are presented both in the form factor for manual and machine sharpening. Both SHAPTON and NANIWA have several series of stones in their line, designed for both professional sharpening and everyday household use. However, without exception, all the abrasives of these companies, regardless of the recommended scope of use, are of the highest quality and will be able to please even the most sophisticated user with their work.

The ROKS company offers the client only high-quality and original tools. We always try to offer you the lowest prices on various hand sharpening stones, whetstones and abrasives.