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Unifying International Brand UIB 3VTM presents a unique product - water - oil platforms, bars and apexes made of artificial abrasive porcelain corundum from 3VTM.

What is the uniqueness of this product - you ask. And we will answer you.

Not that this product combines all the properties inherent in the world famous Japanese water stones. Not that this product also has properties similar to those of the best US brands.

The true uniqueness of this product lies in the fact that, having such high-quality unified properties, it is completely devoid of the properties of Japanese water stones, which are by no means their advantages.

Namely: fastidiousness in storage, fear of temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius, fear of direct sunlight, high humidity and temperature changes. Fear of exposure to even a weak acidic or alkaline environment.

Stones from HLAD`StoneTM are completely devoid of the above disadvantages.

At the same time, HLAD`StoneTM stones, when working in an aquatic environment, form a water-abrasive suspension on their surface in the same way as water stones from leading Japanese manufacturers, but the suspension that forms on the surface of HLAD`StoneTM STONES, despite the fact that it has a water base, oily to the touch and has properties in this direction similar to those of the best grinding oils or aqueous abrasive suspensions from HLAD`StoneTM. In addition, in the process of work, you can easily adjust the level of oiliness of the resulting suspension by simply wetting the stone more or less. Well, in order to speed up the formation of a suspension at the beginning of work, when working with Plateau and Bars from HLAD`StoneTM, you can use the Comb Nagura from HLAD`StoneTM NAGURA & TESTING & PURIFIER. The Comb Nagura stone from HLAD`StoneTM is made from the same material as the Plateau or Bar itself and using the same technology, so it can be purchased as a test mini stone in order to make sure of the exceptional properties of the stone material from HLAD`StoneTM . Taking into account the fact that the dimensions of the nagura correspond to the Apex standards, and the length - in the case of Plateau - 1/2, in the case of the Bar - 1/3 of the standard Apex length, this nagura can also be used as a marching abrasive stone for sharpening in the field or camping knives. Also combed nagura from HLAD`StoneTM can be used as a cleaning stone -PURIFIER - to clean the surface of the plateau in case of contamination that is difficult to wash off with soapy water. The only thing that needs to be unambiguously taken into account is that when working with water, the Naguru and the stone itself must be sufficiently well moistened. To such an extent that when the Nagura moves along the Plateau or Bar, it does not vibrate and does not make a sound. And then everything will be fine.

HLAD`StoneTM stones combine aggressive metal removal from the treated surface, softness of work and cleanliness of the resulting surface after processing. At the same time, they are unpretentious in operation, maintenance and storage. Pollution from the surface of the stone can be washed off with a soapy solution, followed by rinsing with clean water without the slightest risk of damaging the stone. At the same time, the HLAD`StoneTM water whetstone gives results at the level of the best examples of Japanese water stones.

Now about HLAD`StoneTM stones as oil stones.

When used as a HLAD`SHONING OILTM impregnating oil, HLAD`StoneTM stones give results on par with the best oilstones made in the USA.

Such unique properties of HLAD`StoneTM stones are achieved due to the specific, unique to this brand composition of the base stone base and a special production technology.

So, for example, stone blanks are cut out of the abrasive-ceramic base obtained after annealing only after the surface layer is cut off from it. Next, the workpieces undergo multi-mode annealing to relieve internal mechanical stresses, after which they are impregnated with special compounds. After that - again multi-stage high-temperature drying, cleaning, and only after - sawing into blanks and finally - milling, manual alignment of planes, finishing the surface to a high degree of cleanliness, removing radial chamfers at the corners, "cheering" and polishing the blanks, as a result of which the stone is finally acquires all its properties and receives a presentation. Therefore, the production process of one batch of stones can take up to three months, which determines the corresponding price.

And now - about the feelings that you will experience after buying and using the HLAD`StoneTM stone for the first time.

It will be a mixture of three feelings - surprise, pleasure and annoyance. Surprise at the quality of the work of the stone, pleasure from working with this stone, and annoyance that you did not purchase this stone earlier. The first and third sensations will quickly go away, and the feeling of pleasure from working with this stone will remain for a long time, because you will experience it every time you work with a HLAD`StoneTM stone.

Nagura HLADS Ultra Fine Hard
Nagura HLADS Ultra Fine Hard
144.48 грн
Nagura HLADS Ultra Fine Soft
Nagura HLADS Ultra Fine Soft
216.72 грн
HLAD`Stone Fine 180x70x20mm
HLAD`Stone Fine 180x70x20mm
1,419.00 грн
HLAD’s Stone Ultra Fine
HLAD’s Stone Ultra Fine
2,247.61 грн
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