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Vintage stones
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Baikalit 150x40x18mm
5,122 грн
Belorechit on the form 150x20x6mm
1,195 грн
Decorative jasper 150x25x4.5mm
776 грн
DRAGONS TONGUE 150х53х17 mm
1,397 грн
Hindostan (apex) 150x25x6 on paper
1,004 грн
Hindustan 200x25x6.5mm
1,138 грн
Jasper 150x25x6.5mm on blank
1,531 грн
Slate Llyn Melynllyn 150x22x6 mm
1,084 грн
Slurik DRAGON'S TONGUE 52x30x10mm
226 грн
Slurik YELLOW LAKE 53x23x20mm
247 грн
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