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Aluminum blank with high quality leather for dressing the knife. Vegetable tanned leather about 5 mm thick, pasted on an aluminum blank 160x12 mm in size. Designed for use in sharpening machines such as Hapstone, Apex, Ganzo and the like, having a holder for a blank 160x12mm with a dovetail mount, hard, dense, without defects. Ideal for straightening, polishing, or deburring. The surface is leveled, prepared, chamfered. Suitable for both paste and clean use. The form - aluminum, fixing under "dovetail". Blank thickness without skin: 3mm. The size of the blank with the skin: 160x12x8mm. It is advisable to apply the paste on the blank on a dry one, rubbing it into the surface of the skin with light movements without pressure. If the paste is hard and does not have a bright color, then the process of its application is difficult to visually control. But, after rubbing the skin, even if the applied layer of paste is not visible, it remains in the pores and works. This can be seen in the dark, metallic-looking marks that form on the leather after polishing has begun. Contaminants from the surface of the skin (metal scrap and paste residues) are removed mechanically, for example, using the butt of a knife. Washing off dirt from the skin with solvents is undesirable, as it can dry out the skin and distort its geometry, which will render the instrument unusable.

Country of origin Ukraine

Type Aluminum blank with high quality leather

Material Black leather

Blank Material Aluminum

Blank size with leather 160x12x8mm

Blank thickness without skin 3mm

Working plane size 155x25mm

Skin thickness 5mm

Dovetail mount

Packing Blister

Weight 46 g


Country of origin
Dimensions (edit)
Base material
anodized aluminum
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