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Silicone mat 290x230x3mm

The silicone mat is designed to increase the comfort of working with various kinds of sharpening devices. The size of the working surface of the mat (290x230x3mm) allows you to install almost any stone holder (or just the stone itself) on it for manual sharpening. At the same time, the large area of ​​the silicone mat allows you to easily place on it the accompanying sharpening accessories used in the course of work - sluriki, nagura, cleaning stones, etc.

The working surface of the silicone mat is equipped with tactile protrusions, which allows you to collect sludge and used lubricant on the mat. The bottom surface of the silicone mat is also equipped with the same tactile notches, which ensures its reliable adhesion even with a wet table surface.

The silicone mat is odorless. The surface of the silicone mat is water-repellent, easy to clean and wash from any contamination with conventional detergents. The silicone mat is chemically absolutely inert to any components of lubricating fluids used for sharpening (kerosene, oils, surfactants, etc.). The silicone mat is convenient and unpretentious in storage and care, after use it must be washed and dried.
Country of origin China
The volume of the collected liquid is up to 0.1 l
material silicone
Size 290x230x3 mm / 11.42x9.06x0.12"
Color gray
Open cell polyurethane foam packaging
Weight 190 g
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