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Folding diamond musat is a portable device for dressing various kinds of cutting tools. Basically, this product is intended for use in the field for the rapid restoration of the cutting properties of knives, axes, shovels, fishing hooks and other cutting and stabbing equipment.
Design. Musat is made in the form of a "pencil" with a pocket mount and a collet clamp. The collet securely fixes the working rod, allowing them to work confidently and comfortably. The working rod of the musat is metal, with a diamond coating with a grain size of approximately 400 grit, divided into two parts - cylindrical and conical. Cylindrical has a flat section on one side, and a groove for sharpening fishing hooks on the other. The conical part is mainly used for sharpening serrated edges.
Weight. The body of the musat is made of aluminum, which will reduce the overall weight of the device (its weight is 36 grams, the rod is 23 grams and the body is 13 grams).
Dimension. When folded, the musat has a length of 130 mm, in a working one - 185 mm in length. The length of the conical part of the musat is 70 mm, the length of the cylindrical part is 60 mm. The diameter of the cylindrical musat is 10.50 mm, the conical one is 10.50 mm in the wide part and 1.50 mm in the narrow part.


Country of origin
400 grit
Aluminium, steel, diamond
Rod length
Rod diameter
Overall dimensions
Handle material
diamond musat
36 g.
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