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A glass blank glued onto an aluminum base is necessary to ensure a more secure fastening of glass blanks in the stone holder in manual sharpening machines. The fact is that the glass blank has rather slippery ends and can slip out of the holder during operation. Self-adhesive sanding sheets and polishing films can, for example, be attached to the structure in the form of glass and aluminum blanks connected with double-sided adhesive tape. It is impractical to glue them simply on an aluminum blank, since the aluminum blank does not have sufficient rigidity and will, one way or another, sag during sharpening. In addition, again, the plane of the working surface of the abrasive will be recessed below the jaws of the holder, which leads to the risk of accidental damage to the RC. If you use a glass blank without aluminum, it cannot be securely fixed in the holder. As a result, in a "sandwich" of two blanks - the aluminum blank ensures the reliability of fastening, and the glass blank ensures structural rigidity, ideal geometry and hardness of the working surface. All together it has a thickness of 9mm, which is quite comfortable for work. In addition to self-adhesive films, on such a design (directly on the surface of the glass blank), various kinds of abrasive pastes (diamond or elbor) can be applied and sharpened on free grain. This method is quite common when sharpening clicks made of especially hard high-carbon and powder steels. High-quality double-sided adhesive tape manufactured by 3M is used, which guarantees reliable fastening of metal and glass surfaces to the blank. It is not recommended to glue any stones on the adhesive tape, since in this case sufficient connection reliability will not be ensured. If necessary, separate the surfaces glued with double-sided tape, they need to be slightly heated.


Country of origin
anodized aluminum
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