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Country of origin
UK, Wales
Dragon’s Tonque
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Variant of natural Welsh slate Dragon's Tonque (DT) sharpening stone for "apexoid" size. The stone is glued to a 3 mm thick aluminum blank with dovetail ends and marked with a laser engraving. The size of the stone (without blank) is 150x25x6 mm.
Dragon's Tonque or Dragon's Tongue is a fairly common whetstone from the North Wales Shale family. Dragon's Tonque slate has been commercially mined since 1860 by Inigo Jones & Co's Tudor Slate Works in Groeslon at Carnarvon in the Aberllefenni quarry and the Aberllefenni mines. Due to a fairly well-established production and marketing process, as well as sufficient reserves of the breed, Dragon's Tonque has become widespread as a whetstone, as well as a stone for finishing razors. Dragon's Tonque has a fairly wide range of possible colors (Red/Blue/Gray, as indicated in the guide) from light gray to dark gray, sometimes with a reddish or greenish tint due to impurities of various metal oxides. Most often, the color of Dragon's Tonque slate is closer to black, especially when wetted.
Dragon's Tonque is quite dense and hard compared to other natural stones used for sharpening, its density is up to 2.8 grams per cubic centimeter. There are quite different data in the positioning of Dragon's Tonque slates in terms of abrasive ability - from 4000 to 10000 grit in comparison with the grit of synthetic abrasives. This slate sample has been tested and claimed to be 8000 grit. In operation, Dragon's Tonque gives a uniform scratch and higher material removal rate than most shale grades used in sharpening.
Dragon’s Tonque Welsh slate bar finished and ready for use, leveling, if necessary, on glass, on silicon carbide powder.
Country of Origin UK, Wales
Grit 8000 grit
Type whetstone whetstone.
Material microcrystalline siliceous shale
Color dark grey/black
Working surface size 150x25x6 mm


Country of origin
UK, Wales
Dragon’s Tonque
8000 JIS
on aluminum plate
Dimensions (edit)
stone 150x25x6mm
Polishing Lubricant
water, oil
100 g.
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Ціна, якість. Серед моїх фаворитів, якими є CF, LI. Дуже ефективно доводить сталі, які схильні до викрошування. Працює на олії воді, суспензії.
Не виявлено.
Зрозумілий камінь, працює ефективно. Дещо м'якший за LI, працює тонко, підводи на ножі залишається блискучим але з помітними рисками( може не допрацював). Загалом використовую для мікропідводів на ножах. Різ після роботи цим каменем оксамитовий але і агресія присутня. Не шкода витрачених коштів, якщо використовувати для мікропідводів то це камінь на все життя.
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