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Gray Alania slate on blank

Gray Alania is a finishing stone, which is natural slate. As with most natural stones intended for fine finishing, its abrasive ability and the cleanliness of the treated surface depend on the degree of finishing of the stone. The working surface of the bar can be brought to a grit equivalent to work with synthetic stones at 6000 when used with water and up to 8000 grit when used with oil. As in most shale rocks, Gray Alania contains about 60% silicon dioxide, the grain of which is the main abrasive element during sharpening. Gray Alania stone is very good at finishing relatively soft steels, it creates an excellent sealing work around the cutting edge, thereby significantly increasing the resistance of the cutting tool to blunting.

When working with Gray Alania slate, it is necessary to prevent the working surface of the stone from drying out, this can lead to scratches on the bar and damage to the RC.

Gray Alania stone has the best quality/price ratio among natural sharpening stones and can certainly be an excellent working solution for finishing in any sharpening set.
Country of origin Brazil
Type Finishing block
View Wide on letterhead
Material Slate
Color gray, greenish, burgundy, black - all with a grayish tinge
Grit size (for natural stones approximately) 6000 grit (8000 grit)


Country of origin
6000-8000 grit
Dimensions (edit)
on the form
540 g.
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