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Rouge du Salm / La Lorraine is an exceptionally interesting and rare breed used to make sharpening stones, mined in the territories of the French and Belgian Lorraine. The layer being developed (at least its accessible part) has already been completely selected and these stones can only be purchased in the form of vintage bars. The La Lorraine stratum was a layer of rock sandwiched between two BBW layers and it did not contact the yellow coticule layers either. Rouge du Salm is visually distinguished from Belgian Blue Shale (BBW) by its more intense reddish-burgundy color, which is very accurately described as wine red by its hue. During operation, it actively releases a thick burgundy suspension with a high content of alumina. Despite the close proximity to the BBW layers, the Rouge du Salm rock differs from the Belgian blue slate in a higher content of garnet grains (the main abrasive component of Belgian stones), and the garnet in Rouge du Salm is much finer than in BBW - up to 5 microns, which is comparable to the best specimens of the yellow Belgian cat. The abrasive ability of Rouge du Salm stones is determined from 4000 to 8000 grit according to JIS in comparison with synthetic counterparts. The stone can be used both with water and oil, the suspension does not stand out with oil, but the stone works more thinly. Rouge du Salm stones are positioned as one of the best razor sharpening stones. In different countries, during the period of extraction of this rock, stones were sold under various brands, such as La Lorraine, Lorraine Rouge, Rouge Du Salm, St. Etienne in France and Belgium or Goldfisch Wetzstein in Germany. The brand was used as an export option - Fox the best hone in the world.

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В сети информации об этом камне мало. Камень довольно редкий, найти проблематично. Куплен в слепую и опробован с маслом на ноже Сантоку Sunnesko. Сталь на клинке по заявлению производителя ламинатный Дамаск 67 слоев с сердечником из VG-10. В свете камни Косим 14а из оксида алюминия 600 и 1000 грит по стандарту Fepa, a так же сланец Rouge du Salm/La Lorraine. Общий угол заточки 40 микроподвод сланцем на 44 градуса. Работал на оливковом масле. Данный сланец справился отлично, рез радует. По другим сталям не пробовал, но мое личное впечатление что сланец всеяден, хотя позиционируется как бритвенный. Дальнейшие тесты покажут. Буду рад если этот отзыв кому-то поможет с выбором. Спасибо магазину РОКС за качественный продукт и оперативное обслуживание.
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