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A small piece (slurik) of Belgian slate consists of two parts - yellow Belgian slate (Yellow Coticule) and Belgian blue stone (Belgian Blue Whetstone - BBW), glued together.
The area of ​​​​the working surface of the slurik is from 12 to 28 square centimeters. This bar is used to direct the suspension on the working surface of sharpening stones, consisting of both Belgian slate and other stones of natural and artificial origin (Brazilian slate, various sandstones such as Rozsutec, etc.). The suspension stone is double-sided, it is possible to induce the suspension with both yellow and blue Belgian slate.
Blue slate contains larger abrasive particles (up to 25 microns), so the suspension it induces is effective at coarser, pre-finishing stages of sharpening.
Yellow Belgian slate has abrasive grains as small as 5 microns and the suspension obtained with this slate significantly increases the productivity and quality of the result obtained at the finishing stages of finishing. To direct the suspension, the surfaces of both bars - grinding and slurik, must be moistened with clean water and lightly rub the working surface of the grinding stone with slurik.
After work, the remnants of the suspension, mining of stone and metal shavings, must also be fed with running water.

Additional characteristics

Country of origin - Belgium
Producer - Ardennes Coticule
Appointment - a stone for directing a suspension
Material - Yellow Belgian slate
Breeding category - Coticule Standard
Recommended coolant - clean water
Working surface area from 12 to 28 sq. cm.

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