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Great Britain, Wales
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Slurik is a bar for directing the suspension on the working surface of the grinding stone. Basically, the suspension is actively released during sharpening on various bars made from shale rocks. Accordingly, using a small piece of slate, it is possible to effectively induce a suspension both on a stone of the same breed and on other grinding stones (natural or synthetic), even on those that do not emit their own suspension, but at the same time perfectly allow you to work on a "foreign ", induced by red lead. Working on a suspension significantly increases the productivity of the sharpening process, makes it tactilely softer, a stone with a suspension begins to work in a completely different way. There are sharpening techniques, with the help of which, on one lapping platform (for example, made of fine-grained sandstone, which does not emit its own suspension and practically does not affect the result of processing the surface of the supply), the entire grinding cycle from peeling to finishing is carried out by sequentially changing , in the Japanese interpretation) of various grain sizes. Suspension, both from slurik and from the working surface of the stone, is knocked out when used as a coolant - water. Therefore, work with slurik must be carried out precisely with the use of water as a lubricating fluid.

Rock for making a sharpening stone called Yellow Lake (or Yellow Lake) was mined in north Wales in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe reservoir of the same name, along with other well-known sharpening slates, such as, for example, Llyn Melynllyn or Llyn Idwal. The Yellow Lake sharpening stones are the finest of the UK slates and are recommended for sharpening straight razors. The stone is quite soft compared to other Welsh shales, but even when working with water, it is positioned with a grit equivalent to 15,000 grit. Thanks to this, the razor after finishing on this stone is extremely soft and comfortable, removing hair very cleanly, without irritating the skin. The stone is gray in color and can be used with both water and oil. But the main recommendation is water, because in this case Yellow Lake produces an extremely rich suspension. The use of Yellow Lake Sluric (more precisely, its induced suspension) in conjunction with other slates such as DRAGON'S TONGUE, Llyn Melynllyn or Llyn Idwal significantly improves the result obtained when sharpening.

Slurik Yellow Lake has dimensions of 53x22x20 mm, does not require pre-treatment or finishing and is completely ready for use.
Name Slurik slate YELLOW LAKE
Country of origin Great Britain, Wales
Grit 15000 grit
Material microcrystalline siliceous shale
Color gray
Slurik size 53x22x20 mm
Weight 60 gr.


Country of origin
Great Britain, Wales
15000 JIS
odd-shaped whetstones
Dimensions (edit)
60 g.
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Questions: 1
Можно ли им очищать камень shepton 12000 от отсатков металла, а так же для наведения суспензии использовать.
The administration's response:
Можно. Но лучше для очистки использовать Naniwa Dressing Stone ( на много лучше) , а для наведения суспензии Использовать кусок того же Shapton 12000.
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