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The shortened stone Naniwa Professional Stones (CHOSERA) 2000 grit has overall dimensions of 150x55x25mm. Sharpening stone Naniwa Professional Stones (CHOSERA) 2000 grit is an optimal whetstone in terms of its abrasive ability, which allows you to effectively sharpen a dull blade and at the same time, the cleanliness of the approach surface for most applications is enough to ensure high comfort when working with a cutting tool. In fact, sharpening with Naniwa Professional Stones (CHOSERA) at 2000 grit allows you to get that golden mean of cutting edge processing between the stages of sharpening and finishing, when, in principle, it is really possible to get by with one stone.
Naniwa Professional Stones (or for the Japanese market NANIWA CHOSERA) is a series of Japanese water stones produced by Naniwa, which has an increased working life for professional use.
From other sharpening stones manufactured by Naniwa, the Professional Stones series is distinguished by increased wear resistance of abrasive stones, which can significantly increase productivity during long-term use and large volumes of sharpening. Like the Sharpening Stones series, the Naniwa Professional Stones series is designed to solve complex tasks of peeling (repairing), sharpening and polishing (finishing) products from complex alloyed tool steels, high-carbon stainless steels, and high-carbon corrosion steels with increased wear resistance. Products made from such steels include samples of expensive knife products - prestigious chef's, hunting, tactical, utility knives, etc.
Naniwa abrasives is a high-tech product that uses complex complex bonds and compound abrasive grains. Special substances are added to the bundle of bars, which provide a chemical effect on the surface oxide of the knife metal, thereby enhancing the effect of polishing the supply. Those. When working with Naniwa Professional Stones, the classic cutting of blade steel with an abrasive is replaced by a chemical-mechanical process of processing its surface.
Japanese artificial abrasives produced by Naniwa of the Professional Stones series allow you to achieve the best result with minimal effort and time. At the same time, this series of grinding stones has the highest wear resistance and the highest density of abrasive grain faces per unit area of ​​the working surface of the bar of all existing artificial abrasives.
The combination of such characteristics of the Naniwa Professional Stones series as an exceptionally high abrasive ability (according to this parameter, Naniwa abrasives occupy a leading position in comparison with other manufacturers), excellent wear resistance and extreme hardness of the stone surface guarantee the stability of the working plane during work and cause the well-deserved love of practitioners and professional interest.


Country of origin
Professional Stones (CHOSERA)
Abrasive material
Aluminium oxide
Stone size
Polishing Lubricant
clean water at room temperature
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