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Steel 50X14MF is a universal steel for knives in the broadest sense of the word. Initially, this steel was developed for a medical instrument, however, its basic characteristics make it possible to produce and show excellent results, both on kitchen fillet knives with a total sharpening angle of 25 degrees, and on throwing knives, and on chopping and cutting blades (machete, kukri ), which must have high resistance to impact and fracture loads. For such blades, the full angle of sharpening should be at least 40 degrees.
Steel 50X14MF has a foreign analogue - X50CrMoV15, in the international abbreviation - this is EN 1.4116 (AISI 420). Steel is resistant to wet environments, aggressive chemicals, does not cause allergies. Kitchen knives made from this brand can be washed in the dishwasher using detergents.
The steel contains 0.48-0.6% carbon, up to 15% chromium, which makes it corrosion resistant. Also present is silicon (up to 0.6%), manganese (up to 0.6%), molybdenum (0.4-0.8%) and vanadium (up to 0.15). Temper steel 50X14MF to values ​​of 57-58 HRC, which is the optimal value for kitchen knives in most applications.
The composition of 50Kh14MF steel and the technological process of its manufacture are balanced in such a way that the cutting tool made from it is not subject to rapid blunting, keeps sharpening well, but at the same time sharpens quite quickly and simply. Also, a tool made of steel 50X14MF is resistant to lateral, shock and fracture loads. An important factor is the affordable price of this steel.

Mark 50X14MF
Workpiece length 250 mm
Workpiece height 40 mm
Workpiece thickness 3 mm
Weight 280 g.


Workpiece height
Workpiece length
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