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Bohler Uddeholm AG
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AEB-L steel is a Swedish stainless steel produced by the Swedish company UDDEHOLM AG. Blanks can also be marked as manufactured by BÖHLER, Austria's largest manufacturer of tool and high speed steels, which currently includes Uddeholm. Despite the apparent similarity in the composition and characteristics of various steels, each of them has its own unique feature, otherwise, it simply would not exist. AEB-L steel is no exception. Among the "classmates" it is clearly distinguished by the low content of polluting impurities of sulfur and phosphorus. In fact, in AEB-L steel they are several times lower than the "standard" tolerances and have an actual value of about 0.005%. This tells a lot to anyone who is even superficially familiar with the differences in the chemical composition of steels. For example, the famous Japanese carbon papers classified as SK-series, yellow paper and white paper differ in essence only in tolerances for sulfur and phosphorus impurities. But at the same time, they differ greatly in their characteristics and price. Actually, the next "trick" of this steel is its exceptional purity for various other non-metallic inclusions. This provides excellent characteristics of the steel, allowing on the one hand to create an exceptional sharpness of the cutting edge, on the other hand, ensuring its resistance to blunting under heavy loads. AEB-L steel is developed and used primarily for the production of surgical instruments, is used for the mass production of kitchen and utility knives, as well as razors. In fact, there are not many steels created specifically for use in the knife industry. This theme was most widely developed among the Scandinavians and the Japanese. Steels such as AEB-L, adapted to the technological process specifically for the production of knives, are distinguished by good machinability, ease of sharpening and high resistance to blunting. The closest analogue of AEB-L steel is Sandvik 13C26. The composition of AEB-L steel is quite traditional at first glance. It is almost eutectoid steel. Those. the carbon content in it has an indicator close to 0.70-0.80% (namely 0.68%). This is the maximum percentage of carbon that can be dissolved in iron without forming carbides. This steel contains neither molybdenum nor vanadium, but there is 0.65% magnesium and 0.40% silicon, which improve the uniformity of the structure, increase strength and wear resistance. The composition of AEB-L steel contains 12.8% chromium, which formally does not allow it to be classified as stainless steel, however, due to its balanced composition, AEB-L has very good anti-corrosion properties. AEB-L steel is easy to machine, easy to grind and polish, and has very good heat treatment properties. If you need a sharp, durable and easy to sharpen, but long-lasting knife - make it from AEB-L steel - this is an excellent choice! Mn (Magnesium) 0.6% Si (Silicon) 0.4%

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Bohler Uddeholm AG
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