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X12MF steel has already proven itself from the best side in the knife industry for a very long time. Initially, this steel was intended for the manufacture of cold-formed tools - saws, cutters - mainly for woodworking. But already in the reference literature of the middle of the last century there were clear recommendations for the use of Kh12MF steel for the manufacture, in fact, of knife blades. Brief description - chem. composition: carbon C - 1.45-1.65%, Chromium Cr - 11-12.5%, Molybdenum Mo - 0.4-0.6%, Vanadium V - 0.15-0.3%, Manganese Mn - 0.15-0.45%, Nickel Ni - 0.35%, Copper, phosphorus and sulfur - up to 0.3%. The American analogue of Kh12MF steel is the equally well-known D2 steel, the Japanese analogue is SKD11. As can be seen from the composition of Kh12MF, even with such a substantial amount of ligature, this steel cannot be called stainless. However, even with minimal maintenance, X12MF copes quite well with the adverse effects of the external environment, but with such an amount of carbon and chromium, corrosion problems can still occur (with prolonged contact with moisture, acidic or salty environments, pitting and patina can occur). At the same time, X12MF heats up to 61-63 HRC, keeps sharpening very well, belongs to the category of steels that dull for a long time, but are excellent for sharpening and straightening, i.e. restoration of cutting properties.

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