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N690 (heat treated)
Workpiece height
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Bohler N690 is a martensitic cobalt alloy steel manufactured by Böhler - Uddeholm AG. Böhler - Uddeholm AG is a metallurgical concern, one of the world's leading suppliers of high-grade tool steel. The Böhler - Uddeholm AG concern was formed in 1991 as a result of the merger of the German-Austrian company Böhler Ges.m.b.H. and the Swedish "Uddeholm AB" (Uddeholm AB).
Steel N690 belongs to stainless alloyed martensitic alloys and has an original composition that stands out from other steel grades: Carbon (C) - 1.08%, Chromium (Cr) - 17.30%, Molybdenum (Mo) - 1.10%, Vanadium (V) - 0 .10%, Cobalt (Co) - 1.50%, Manganese (Mn) 0.40%, Silicon (Si) 0.40%.
One of the main differences of N690 steel is that it contains 1.5% cobalt, which increases the heat resistance of steel and has a strong effect on its mechanical properties.
The name "martensitic" is also associated with the name of the researcher Mark Martens, who first described the process of formation of an unusual acicular structure of metal alloys. It is formed in the form of the thinnest plates, located either parallel to each other, or randomly. Such a structure is characteristic of metals that have undergone a hardening procedure. In fact, martensite is a solid supersaturated solution of carbon in α-iron (low-temperature modification of iron).
One of the most important characteristics of steel N690 is a high level of resistance to the appearance and spread of corrosion. Extreme resistance to aggressive environments and moisture makes it possible to produce accessories for spearfishing and diving from N690 steel - harpoons, diver's knives, etc. Under normal conditions, a product made of this alloy is not subject to destructive processes. In this case, the hardness of the metal due to the hardening significantly increases. Nominally, N690 steel heats up to values ​​in the region of 60 HRC.
Of course, N690 steel is used to make knives and is considered one of the best materials for making knives. The advantages and obvious advantages of N690 steel include:
- high strength and resistance to physical stress;
- resistance to bending and fracture loads;
- resistance to metal twisting;
- excellent cutting properties;
- excellent resistance to blunting, maintaining the sharpness of sharpening for a long time.
Close in composition, that is, an analogue of this steel grade, is the Japanese VG-10, but it contains, in comparison with N690, more molybdenum and chromium. AUS-10 (Japan), French Z100CD17 have similar compositions and properties.
N690 is considered a good steel for outdoor long lengths and tactical knives that need to have not only a strong edge but also the ability to withstand impact and side loads (turning and breaking). Many European manufacturers make knives from this steel, including Boker and Spyderco. He also makes some Benchmade models and almost all Extrema Ratio models from the N690.
The presented blanks are hardened with subsequent cryo-treatment, the hardness value of steel is 60 HRC. Each plate was individually tested for hardness.

Country of origin - Sweden
Manufacturer - UDDEHOLM AG/ B HLER
Brand - N690
Workpiece length - 250 mm
Workpiece height - 40 mm
Workpiece thickness - 3,4 mm
Weight - 270g.


N690 (heat treated)
Workpiece height
Workpiece length
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