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RWL-34 - powder, high carbon, high alloy steel. If a steel such as Elmax is the latest development in the field of powder technology, then RWL-34 is a classic, time-tested and proven to be excellent. The manufacturer of RWL-34 steel is the Swedish company Damasteel AB. It is difficult to pick up something similar from domestic analogues of RWL-34 steel. Of the foreign ones, the closest to RWL-34 is the American powder steel Crucible CPM 154, produced by the Crucible Industries concern. RWL-34 is a typical representative of modern knife materials. Steel RWL-34 and its closest analogues ATS-34, 154CM, CPM154 have long become "classics" among foreign and domestic knifemakers.
The long and rather successful presence of RWL-34 on the market has made it one of the most affordable and popular modern powder steels. A well-deserved good reputation has given RWL-34 steel a wide range of fans, both among knife craftsmen and ordinary knife lovers. Years of work, vast experience and a large number of professional thermists who have learned how to process RWL-34 steel well, being able to squeeze everything out of it that it is capable of to the last - makes this powder steel - steel No. 1 in popularity at all stages of the manufacture and operation of knives .
RWL-34 steel has a good combination of cutting edge stability, corrosion resistance and mechanical properties. With a good thermal, it holds a thin cutting edge perfectly. Despite its high hardness, RWL-34 steel lends itself well to machining - it is ground and polished, it is excellent for blades of complex geometry, and is considered one of the best steels for artistic etching. Pierced steel grade RWL-34 is tempered mainly to hardness values ​​from 59 to 62 HRC.
So, let's summarize the advantages of the Swedish powder steel RWL-34, which will help you make a choice in its favor when making a blade for an ideal knife:
- RWL-34 is a Swedish powder steel that has proven itself over a long period of operation. The presence of a large number of craftsmen who know how to work with it and achieve the best characteristics from it. Despite the long period of presence on the market, this steel has not lost its relevance and can be safely attributed to modern powder steels with a good reputation.
- Excellent balance of parameters. Good combination of cutting edge resistance to blunting and side loads, good corrosion resistance. Holds small sharpening angles well.
- Stability of the results obtained during heat treatment. Minimal decarburization, small leashes.
- Good machinability despite high hardness. Well suited for blades of complex geometry.
- One of the best pickling steels.
- One of the most affordable powder steels.

RWL-34 steel is available both individually and together with PCM-27 as part of corrosion-resistant Damascus from the same Swedish company Damasteel AB.

Chemical composition of steel RWL-34:
C (Carbon) 1.05%
Cr (Chromium) 14.0%
V (Vanadium) 0.20%
Mn (Magnesium) 0.5%
Si (Silicon) 0.5%
Mo (Molybdenum) 4.0%


Country of origin Sweden
Manufacturer Damasteel AB
Brand RWL-34
Workpiece length 300 mm
Workpiece height 38 mm
Workpiece thickness 4 mm
Weight 350 gr.

Steel strips

Country of origin
Heat treatment
steel grade
Length, mm
Width, mm
Thickness, mm
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